Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Organizes Blood Drive via Christ Embassy

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Organizes Blood Drive via Christ Embassy


On June 14th an annual worldwide blood donation takes place. Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor of Christ Embassy, organized this blood drive for the people of Lagos, Nigeria. This huge blood drive was made possible by the Trauma Care International Foundation. The mission is simple, encourage people world wide to donate blood and help them to realize how important blood donation is for those in need. It’s free to give, and easy too. 

Chris Oyakhilome shows true passion for this cause through his work in African communities. He truly wants to help those in need of the extra care, and is willing to give it all for them.

Over and over again, it can be seen how blood drives significantly improve the lives and health of the people who receive the blood. When someone is in need, there is nothing better than donating blood. It saves lives, and it doesn’t cost you anything to do so.

Trauma Care International Foundation has made it their mission to be a helping hand in the process of healing that those in need go through. Blood drives help to raise life expectancy in populations that receive the blood. Chris Oyakhilome and Trauma Care International Foundation help to disperse care and blood to emergency response units during crisis situations. And they do it all free of charge for those who are financially unable to pay for these services. These situations can range from accidents and sickness, to ongoing chronic health issues.

Beyond even that though, the organization has made it key to hold community based programs to help educate the public on health, proper trauma care, safety, and First Aid. They also have held thousands of safety and emergency training sessions for students, law enforcement members, caregivers, teachers, and other public service officials to help increase the awareness of health and safety and enhance the quality of life around them. These sessions include lectures, simulations, and other things designed to educate on the importance of emergency care.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and his entire Christ Embassy have been helping the Trauma Care International Foundation from the get go. They have been leading the charge into battle per se. He has made it his goal to ensure that Trauma Care International Foundation is able to reach their goal of organizing events and helping people educate themselves on the need of blood drives and how much blood donation helps people in need.

Beyond that though, Chris Oyakhilome has been one of the major donators of equipment and other products. These donations have been able to help people across Africa better their health and increase the overall health of many communities on the continent. The Christ Embassy and Pastor Oyakhilome are important supporters of aiding those in need and impacting the lives of people in need in a positive manner.

It all comes down to improving the quality of trauma care and emergency response services in communities and education the people in these communities about those services and the importance of them. Blood donations are a huge pare of trauma care and a necessary part the goals of Chris Oyakhilome, the Christ Embassy, and the Trauma Care International Foundation as a whole.

For anyone interested, additional information is available at the following link: Trauma Care International Foundation.

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