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Custom Printed Shirts from Singapore


A custom printed tshirt is a unique piece of art that you wear to express yourself in one way or another.

The latest trend in custom printed shirts is to get them from Singapore artists.

That is because they make some of the best tshirt in Singapore.

Singapore is a well known artistic hub for everything from wall art to clothing.

In fact, the tshirt printing market in Singapore is currently generating a revenue of around $42 million US dollars and expected to experience an annual growth rate of 2.95%.

Read on to learn why you should get your custom printing Singapore and how to find the best Singapore printer online.

Singapore, the art hub

Singapore has become one of the top places to get custom printed shirts. 

This is because the Singaporeans are well known for their artistic talent and creativity.

They offer a wide variety of local design ideas including famous landmarks, nature or city scenes, cultural symbols, funny sayings with local slang, popular local dishes, and more.

Screen printing is an ancient art form for Singapore, since it was among one of the first countries that the printing method was introduced to.

That being said, Singaporeans are well versed in this form of printing, with years of practice and improvement.

Screen printing isn’t the only form of printing that they are great at, though.

Walking up and down the streets looking into the custom tshirt shops of Singapore you will see artists using other methods like DTG, heat press, embroidery, and so much more.

Other reasons Singapore is a great place to get custom shirts

Besides the fact that Singapore is known for their artistic talent, buying your custom printed tshirt can net you other benefits.

Singapore has a rich variety of luxury fabrics as well as cottons that they use to print upon.

They also sell their shirts at low prices, with many custom printed shirts ranging between $5 to $10 US dollars a piece.

The local printing shops in Singapore offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from based on your preferences and what you are able to pay.

They are well known for their quality, efficiency, attention to detail, eco-friendly methods, and innovation in printing.

Every shirt they print is done with precision and care to ensure you get nothing but the best quality of print.

Finding the best place to get your shirt

When you are looking for the best tshirt in Singapore, do your research.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors who they go to for all their printing needs.

Look online for various Singapore shops to compare quality and price.

Glance at pictures of their finished shirts and designs.

Talk to them about the design, printing method, and material that you want to see what they can do for you.

When having the custom printing Singapore shipped, pay attention to the price of shipping and how long it will take for you to receive your custom printed shirt.

Regardless of what shop you go with in Singapore that makes custom printed shirts, you are sure to have a shirt that is unique, fairly priced, of great quality, and steeped in artistic history.

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