My Review of the Best Guest Posting Services

My Review Of The Best Guest Posting Services


Blogs are one of the best ways to share your knowledge with the world. They can also be one of the most frustrating. Why? 

Because it’s so easy for anyone reading your content to leave a comment that won’t directly benefit you but will instead just take up space on your blog.

If you have an abundance of useful information, guest posts can be a great way to get those articles seen by more people than they might see them otherwise. 

It gives outsiders a chance to read an article you have written and gives them a chance to leave feedback as well. 

The downside is finding people who are willing to host you as a guest blogger can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

This guide will help you find success in finding blogs that would be interested in having you write for them as a guest blogger. 

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What is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging is a communication strategy where you write content and have it published on other people’s websites as either an original piece or as a reprint of an existing article. 

Depending on the terms you agree to with your host, you may even get paid for it. Usually, the host will publish your article in exchange for you sending them free publicity as a courtesy. 

If you find a blog that would be interesting to have you write on as a guest blogger, you contact them and offer to write an article for them. 

You’ll want to find blogs that are either well-established or have a large following that other people would be interested in learning more about. 

You can also find guest posting opportunities on niche forums.

Find Popular Content Before You Start

The first thing to do when looking for guest posting opportunities is to find a few blogs that are popular and have a large following. 

If you start with a popular blog, chances are that they’ll be interested in having you write for them as a guest blogger. 

To find popular blogs, start a Google search for the phrase “top 10 blogs” or “top blogs for business” and see what comes up. 

You can also use keyword tools to find blogs that are already popular for any given topic. 

Once you have a few popular blogs on your list, read through their most popular posts and see what types of topics they typically cover. 

What types of articles do they post the most often? What types of articles do their readers seem to love the most?

Conduct a Search to Find Blogs That Need Your Expertise

Once you have a few blogs on your list, start searching for others. You can use Google to help you here by entering “blog search engine” or “blog search engine optimization” into the search bar. This will then show you websites that are ranking well on Google for the topic you’re interested in. 

Next, use these websites to find blogs that are similar to the ones you have on your list. What do these blogs cover? 

What do their audience like? What do the blogs themselves look like? These will help you narrow down your list of potential hosts for your guest posts. What About Guest Posting on Popular Forums? 

Many popular forums will let you post guest articles for a small fee.

If you find a forum that is accepting guest posts, you can also use our guide on finding the best guest post services to help you find topics that are popular on the forum.

Things to Look For in a Guest Post Opportunity

– Length – The length of a guest posting opportunity plays a big role in how successful it will be. 

The ideal length is between 2,000 and 3,000 words. – Types – Most hosts will want you to submit a single article for them to publish. 

But, there are some hosts that are open to multiple guest blogging opportunities, so be sure to ask what types of articles they’re looking for. – Length – You’ll also want to make sure that the host is looking for articles that are between 1,500 and 3,000 words. 

– Host – You’ll want to make sure that the host is a high-quality blog before you agree to do a guest post for them. 

You’ll want to find blogs that have a large following and are well-established. – Topic 

– Make sure you find a topic on which you can write an article that has a lot of value for the readers of the blog as well as for you. 

This will help you have more success as a guest blogger. 

– Target Audience – Once you find a topic that you think has a lot of value, make sure you determine the target audience for your post. 

Who is the audience for this blog? What types of questions will they likely have? – Outline 

– Outlining your guest post is also important. Outlining your guest post will help you organize your thoughts and get everything down on paper before you start writing. 

– Strategy – Once you’ve outlined your guest post, it’s also important to come up with a guest blogging strategy to help you write and publish your post as quickly as possible.

Finding the Right Host Will Take Time and Research

Guest blogging takes a lot of time and effort to find the right host for your article. 

You’ll want to find blogs that have a large following, which means you’ll have to look for blogs that are popular in your niche or across various topics. 

You’ll also have to make sure that the host is a high-quality blog with a large following. 

Once you’ve found a few hosts, it’s going to take a lot of time to contact them and actually get your posts accepted. 

If you don’t have the patience to do this, then you might want to consider other ways to get your content seen by readers.

Don’t Forget About Reputation Management

One thing you’ll want to make sure you’re doing as a guest blogger is monitoring the reputation management (or “reputation management”) of your host. 

You want to make sure you’re not writing content that’s too promotional, that you’re writing well, and staying within the content guidelines of your host. 

It’s important to ensure you don’t violate any policies or guidelines of your host. You might even consider hiring a reputation management agency like Spredfast to manage your reputation for you. 

Reputation management services work by monitoring your content and removing any negative comments that are posted about you.


Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your content read by a new audience and potentially increase your SEO rankings in the process. 

The key is finding a high-quality host and writing a valuable article that has a lot of value for the readers while staying within the guidelines of the blog it’s published on.

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