All That You Must Know While Renting Car in Ireland

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Renting a car can be the best option to explore the country at your pace. You can always change your destination and duration of the visit.

However, you must read more hiring car tips in Ireland before you hire a car rental. It will be worthwhile to go through this article.

  • You must know the dates of your arrival as well as departure along with your locations

Before negotiating with the car rental company, you must book your flight and let them know all your flight details, so that you can pick up the car on arrival to Ireland. You can pick the car after 30 minutes of your arrival and sometimes may be little longer too.

While departing from Ireland, return the car before 3.5 hours of boarding time. All these planning must be done prior to your visit so that you will not experience any inconvenience.

  • Whether you need the car for the entire trip?

Next you need to decide whether you need the car for whole trip. In case you have to stay for couple of days only then you may not need any vehicle in the city. 

While deciding between city pick up/drop off or airport or you must be sure to book your accommodation which must also include parking otherwise you have to pay an additional fee. 

Check availability of facilities of car Rental Company too like during which time they are open and also their timing on weekends.

  • Choose your rental company

There will be plenty of companies to choose for car rentals. Following tips can be handy for you:

  • Prefer a rental company that offer discounts on your credit card and also for your membership.
  • Choose based on the price by comparing the rates
  • Choose based on the availability
  • Choose car depending on your age. People of ages 25 – 74 may not face much problem. However, drivers between age of 21 to 24 and those who are 75 and above will get only fewer options and may need to pay higher fees. 

Drivers below 21 years are not allowed to rent a car in Ireland.

  • Select your type of car

It is advisable to rent a smaller car unless it is very essential, as the rate of fuel is very high in Ireland as compared to USA. Consider the following while renting a car:

  • What is the size of your luggage?
  • Whether you will use or bring car seats?
  • How long will you drive daily? 
  • Can you drive manual transmission car?
  • Get quote but compare apple with apple only

Check the following things while comparing the offer from a number of rental companies:

  • Rental company reputation
  • Price offered
  • What are included in the price e.g. mileage, insurance, taxes, breakdown service and airport surcharges etc.
  • Cost for any other extra services
  • Check all the insurance options

For insurance you need to do plenty of research about various options available. In Ireland you are not allowed to drive unless you have suitable car insurance. You must also read the T&C of the insurance very carefully.

Roads in Ireland are narrow in most of the places and there is every chance that it may get dent and scratches. Therefore, check all the options of various insurances available.

There are number of offers available based on the credit card, which must be checked.

  1. Make your reservation

You must reserve the car in the driver’s name. The credit card to be used should be in driver’s name.

  1. Picking and returning the Irish car rental

Check the car very carefully and if necessary take the photograph while picking so that you don’t have to pay for scratches, which you are not responsible.

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